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Exercise Book

Experience and Philosophy
I am certified through the ISFTA (International Sports and Fitness Trainers Association) and have over 14 years of experience training individuals and groups in:

  • weight training
  • aerobic conditioning
  • increasing cardiovascular capacity and endurance
  • weight loss
  • stress relief through exercise
  • sport-specific skills and techniques

I instruct clients in a gym situation or design programs for people who don't want to join a gym. I like to incorporate as many different exercises as possible, giving the client the freedom to choose variety or a routine workout. I like "efficient" exercises in which several muscles are worked in a particular exercise, and I like to have fun with the workout. I demonstrate all techniques and work in with the client, creating an interactive session. Exercise and diet tips are provided and charting methods are discussed. Body fat and specific measurements are charted and progress is reviewed on a regular basis.

Client Testimonials and Tales from the Trainer

Exercise Book
I have just finished writing a full-color illustrated exercise book:
"Just a Minute, One Minute Exercises Using Only Your Body Weight". There are exercises with a picture for each step described. The book is divided into Upper Body - Chest and Back, Arms - Lower Body - Core Strengthening. There are recommended Program Sequences, or you can just pick a few exercises from each section, depending on how much time you have to work out. This book is designed to take away the common excuses for not exercising, such as "I don't know what to do", "I don't have time", "I don't have equipment", etc..

Book - $ 18.49
Tax - $ 1.51
Shipping in the U.S. - $ 3.50

$ 23.50
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Training Rates

  • $50 per hour if you train at my gym near Zilker park
  • Group rates:
    • $25 each for two people
    • $17 each for three people
    • $14 each for four people
    • $12 each for five people
  • $60 - 80 per hour on-site, depending on commute to client's facility or home (based on rate of 50 cents per mile)
  • Group rates also available for traveling training

Personal Fitness Level
I do practice what I preach! I am currently an active participant in soccer, volleyball (indoor and sand), Tae Kwon Do, weightlifting, running, cycling, hiking, skiing, and occasional triathlons.